1.Why is it so expensive? There are many factors that go into pricing out and shipping live lobster. First, is the actual cost of the lobster which at the moment is slightly higher than most of the season, however compared to other regular proteins like steak and chicken it is not as inflated and it could be. The second cost is the packaging and overnight shipping itself. Our specific packaging is around $14-$18per box and because we have to ship live and fresh seafood overnight, we are limited on available cheaper options. The shipping itself ranges between $45-$110 depending on the size of the box. This price is even after our 70% shipping discount we pass on to our customers. The 3rd is the overhead to maintain a live lobster holding system to store them while awaiting shipment. Another factor is that Lobsters will eat other lobsters in the holding tanks creating an expensive loss that needs to be recouped from the rest. 

2. Are Lobsters frozen, cooked or live? All of our fresh caught Maine lobsters are shipped alive and kicking. We do not ship cooked or frozen whole lobsters. We pack lobsters in a Styrofoam cooler box with individual lobster partitions. We then set wet newspaper and frozen gel packs on top to keep the box refrigerated for up to 2 days.

3. Do you deliver to my city and state? We deliver to all 50 US states and parts of Hawaii and Alaska. We can also deliver directly to any town that is served by Fedex and UPS.

4. Do you deliver every day? We can deliver on most days except Sunday. Saturday has some restrictions based upon the Fedex service areas in your local area. In some cases, we are able to ship to a Walgreens or Dollar General Store that may be available if your home falls outside of this zone. You would need to pick up the package there during their hours of operation. We also only deliver Live Lobster Tue-Sat. and fresh or frozen items Mon-Sat.

5. How do I store them until I m ready to cook? The best way to keep them is actually in the box they have arrived in until ready to cook. Never put lobster in water or ice to store them. We recommend cooking your live lobster the day it was received. If you need to store it an extra day you may need to store the box in your fridge overnight. As long as the lobsters were alive when received they are ok to store longer. If a lobster is weak or has died you are still able to cook it for 12-24 hours after death. 

6. Are your lobsters from Maine? Yes, for 10 of 12 months a year all of our lobsters are caught right here in maine. During December and January we sometimes source Canadian lobsters to offset the supply issues while some of our local fisherman pull their boats. A Canadian lobster and a Maine Lobster are the same species. Through out the year they migrate north and south and depending on where they're caught determines their origin.

7. When do I need to order by? We recommend a few days lead time but, since we ship all our orders via overnight air you are able to put your order in as late as 2:00pm the day before you would like to receive it. In some cases if we are contacted after this time we may be able to ship an order after our cut-off. 

8. Can I choose my delivery date? Yes, during the checkout process you will be able to type in the delivery date of your choosing. Keep in mind our date picker may allow you to select days we are unable to deliver on such as major holidays like x-mas, new years,thanksgiving ect. We will contact you if we receive your order with a delivery date thats unattainable.