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Terms and Conditions

It is the customer’s responsibility to receive the package(s) on the date of delivery. In the event the customer is not available to receive the package(s), reserves the right to refuse any refund or reshipment. It is also the customer’s responsibility to notify the recipient of all terms listed below.

In the event that your package is delivered and something happens after it is left at the address, does not assume responsibility for the package. All shipments are sent with a Shipper Release clause, which means that as long as the driver feels comfortable leaving the package at the delivery address they will, without requiring a signature. This ensures that our shipments are received within a timely manner due to the perishable nature of our products.

If the recipient of a package refuses or denies delivery for any reason, this forfeits any refund that may be available. This includes but is not limited to late delivery, damaged package, spoiled goods and applies to all packages.

We are able to offer estimated delivery times from our shippers as a convenience to our customers. These standard services times are not guaranteed and are provided as the average delivery time to a specific area. We ship our packages with priority service levels available and are always available to provide additional shipper information that may be useful. End of day services are approximately 10:00 pm and packages delivered after that time on the scheduled delivery date would qualify for a late package claim as long as Shipping Protection is included.

The option for shipping protection is available for a $20 fee on all orders. This service covers your package if, for any reason, a delay is experienced while in transit with our shipping providers. Delays can be caused by the following events: improperly sorted packages, mechanical malfunctions, flight delays, weather, etc. 

Understanding that these events are out of the control of all parties involved, we offer worry-free protection which would cover in the event that the shipment is affected by any of these conditions and unable to be delivered on the scheduled delivery date. With delays caused by forces outside of the control of our shipping providers, specifically weather, packages are not normally covered, however, any order affected by this type of delay will be taken into consideration to ensure that a satisfactory resolution is provided.

Once in the possession of the shipping provider, can not take responsibility for any issues encountered during transit. We offer shipping protection coverage for damage or delays at the fault of our shipping providers within the scope of normal coverage by these providers. Delays caused by forces outside of the control of the shipping providers, ie. weather, are not normally covered and will be at the discretion of will ship all products to the address submitted by the customer. If an undeliverable or incorrect address is submitted, no refund or reshipment will be issued. Shipping to a closed business will also prevent the customer from receiving a refund. 

Certain restrictions apply to orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Restrictions with our shipping providers limit shipping to some areas of Alaska, as they are serviced by a third-party delivery system and can not be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check whether or not a third party services remote areas of Alaska, and does not assume responsibility for packages not delivered on the desired delivery date in the event a third party service is used. Product restrictions apply to Hawaii in compliance with their Agricultural Department and the monitoring of invasive species like mussels, clams, live lobsters, and other types of shellfish and aquatic animals. We have a close relationship with the Agricultural Department and will help in the process of obtaining an ‘Import Permit’ to allow the shipment of those products. Please contact us with any questions regarding shipping restrictions to specific states.

All shipments that are delivered to a business require a signature.

All other shipments are sent no signature required and will be left in a safe location closest to the first access point of the residence.

No perishable item deliveries will be made to a Post Office box.

Some additional fees may apply at checkout, depending on the day you select for delivery.

We accept all orders for Saturday delivery and will verify with our carrier on the availability of Saturday delivery to your shipping zip code.  Unfortunately in some cases, Saturday delivery is not available, please contact us prior to placing your order to see if Saturday delivery is available in your area.

After you place your order, a tracking number will be generated on the ship date by our carrier and sent to you via email. This tracking number can be used to review the status of your shipment in transit, however, this tracking number will not be valid until the shipment is picked up from our facility at 6 pm EST. If after that time, you are still not able to track the package, please contact our offices to speak with a representative.

Orders can be canceled or modified prior to the shipment date. We must be contacted directly in order to process any order modifications or shipping corrections, as there may be additional fees applicable. During peak periods there will be no cancellations on the date of shipment and any exceptions outside of those times may be subject to cancellation penalties.

We ship ALL packages “SHIPPER RELEASE” which allows the FedEx delivery person to leave the package at its destination without knocking, ringing doorbells etc. at the FedEx Drivers Discretion.

If FedEx deems your area to be NOT a satisfactory place to leave your package via SHIPPER RELEASE, FedEx reserves the right to NOT leave the package. FedEx will update the tracking with details for the next suitable delivery day or request the customer to pick up the package at the nearest FEDEX location. (Personal Identification with a photo ID matching the name on the shipping label will be required)

Under no circumstances can orders be rerouted for delivery.  In some cases, at our discretion, with reasonable cause you need to pick up your package, we can arrange for you to pick it up at your local FedEx Express Station- but only with a photo ID. Please contact us for details and assistance. will not refund or reimburse orders that were not delivered on time due to a reroute or pickup option placed on the order.

Customers are held responsible to input their correct shipping address. This includes Name, Street, Apartment numbers, Gate codes, City, State and Zip Code. will not refund or reimburse orders that were not delivered on time due to an incorrect address. is not responsible for delayed deliveries due to inaccurate shipping information, and additional FedEx charges may be applied for address correction and re-routing for proper delivery. (In this case, same day delivery is no longer guaranteed!) PLEASE check your delivery information carefully before submitting the order!

Privacy Policy

At, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best Maine lobster experience! We believe in the experience so much that we guarantee your lobsters arrive fresh and alive on the date of delivery. If for any reason your lobsters do not arrive alive, we will reimburse you for the spoiled product costs. This will typically be provided in the form of a refund for the spoiled product. A reshipment is not guaranteed unless all items in the shipment were affected. We require a photograph of the affected products and customers must attempt to reach us via phone or email on the date of delivery. Please make sure the picture properly shows the spoiled products or lifeless lobsters on its back and this can be sent to 207-229-6607 along with your order number and the best way to reach you.

To help us review your refund, please follow these instructions for submitting photos:

  • If your live lobster arrives dead, provide a photo of the dead lobster on its back within 4 hours of package received.
  • For underweight products, a photo must be submitted with the product on a food scale.
  • For spoiled products, a photo must be submitted showing product temperature over 40℉.
  • All products that may be damaged or spoiled that will require a refund need to have photos submitted within 8 hours of package being received.
  • Some crab legs, lobster legs or clams may break in transit and are not eligible for a refund.

In the event that you received a package with exterior visible damage, email on the date the package was delivered within 8 hours of receiving with photographs of the damage to 207-229-6607. Do not throw away contents or packaging as an inspection must occur by our carrier. Refund eligibility will be subject to an investigation done by our carrier and

In the event that you received a frozen product that has partially thawed in transit, you can continue to let the product defrost for immediate use or put it back in the freezer for storage. We often ship frozen and fresh products together and partial thawing of the frozen products can be expected. The FDA notes that frozen seafood that has not exceeded an internal temperature of 40 Degrees Fahrenheit and remains cool to the touch externally can be refrozen without issue. Please contact us if you have any questions about specific products. guarantees that our packages are received with all ordered products. If for any reason, you receive a mispacked order that does not include an item in your order, you must reach out to us directly via phone or email within 8 hours on the day your package was delivered. We may require that a picture be provided showing the package and after investigation, a refund or reshipment will be provided.

In the event you receive another product very similar to what you ordered, for example: you ordered fresh lobster meat and received frozen lobster meat or you ordered fresh lobster tail meat and received claw meat – we will offer a refund for the price difference or a store credit.

In the event you do not report the mispacked order within 8 hours on the date of delivery, reserves the right to refuse any store credit. All refunds will be issued within 7 days from the refund request date. All full or partial credit card refunds will refund back to the credit card used by the customer described in the “billing information” section of the invoice. will fully refund all orders that are cancelled prior to the shipping date. Once the shipping carrier picks up the purchased items, cancellation and refunding options are unavailable.

Payment Policy

We collect all payments when the order is scheduled. All orders are eligible for refunds if cancelled prior to the ship date. See our Refund Policy for further details. We accept Square, Amazon Pay, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover for all online orders.

Payments made over the phone are taken over a secured line. All payments are collected in full at the time the order is placed, before the ship and delivery date. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not store any payment information unless requested by the customer. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of payment storage. If you feel like your privacy has been compromised, please contact Customer Support at 207-229-6607.

All wholesale orders must be paid prior to the ship date. Any charges incurred from a bounced check are the customer’s responsibility to reimburse Any payments over $1000.00 on a credit card will be charged an additional 3% processing fee.

Payments for gift cards are collected at the time of purchase. Gift cards do not expire.

  • You cannot purchase an online gift card with another gift card
  • If the amount of your online gift card does NOT cover the total order amount, you will need to pay the remainder of the purchase with a valid credit card.
  • If the amount of your online gift card is for MORE than the total order amount, the balance will be stored with your account for your next purchase using the same gift card code.

Legal Policy charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this website and picked up or shipped in the State of Maine. Customers are responsible for paying sales tax in the state in which the lobsters are delivered.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the party placing the order(you) and the recipient of the package(s) agree that any lawsuits filed against(or in connection with) will be filed within the State of Maine’s jurisdiction. Consult with an attorney before making any substantial purchases outside the State of Maine. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay sales tax on all products and services provided by and our carrier. Notices from you to shall be made either by e-mail or first class mail to our address at:, LLC

5 Freedom Rd

Scarborough, ME 04074

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