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How Many Crabs In A Bushel?

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A bushel is more than just a unit of measurement; it’s a traditional container used by crabbers to store their prized catch. The number of crabs in a bushel varies significantly based on their size. This size chart will help you determine how many crabs are in a bushel:

how many crabs in a bushel
Size Crab Dimensions Approximate Crabs in a Bushel Dozens in a Bushel
Standard 5-5.5 inches 84 crabs 7 dozen
Large 5.5-6 inches 72 crabs 6 dozen
Jumbo 6-6.75 inches 60 crabs 5 dozen
Colossal 6.75 inches + 48 crabs 4 dozen

Why are crabs measured in bushels?

Crabs are measured in bushels primarily for practical reasons within the seafood industry. A bushel serves as a standardized unit of measurement, allowing crabbers and consumers alike to gauge the quantity of crabs being traded or purchased. This traditional method provides a consistent and reliable way to quantify the catch, making it easier to manage inventory, set prices, and ensure fair transactions in the market.

Crab Dynasty Recommendations:

Crab Dynasty, a reputable source for live blue crabs, offers various options for purchasing crabs – by the dozen, two dozen, half a bushel, or a full bushel. As a general guideline, a bushel of large-sized crabs can generously serve about eight people. For those planning a crab-centric feast, consider ordering eight to a dozen crabs per person for a satisfying dining experience.

Can I mix crab sizes in a bushel?

While crabbers often sort crabs by size before packaging them in bushels, there may be some variation in sizes within a single bushel. However, it’s essential to note that bushels are typically categorized by a specific size range to maintain consistency. Mixing crab sizes within a bushel could affect the overall count, and consumers often prefer to select bushels of a specific size to meet their culinary preferences.

Tips for Crab Leg Enthusiasts:

If you’re a fan of crab legs, Crab Dynasty has you covered. They provide detailed recommendations for ordering snow crab legs and Alaskan king crab legs based on poundage. Here’s a quick overview:

How many crabs can I expect in a bushel for a crab feast?

The number of crabs you’ll need for a crab feast depends on various factors, including the size of the crabs, the appetite of your guests, and whether crabs are the main dish or part of a larger meal. As a general guideline, a bushel of large-sized crabs, containing around 72 to 84 crabs, can comfortably serve about eight people. If crabs are the centerpiece of your meal, consider ordering eight to a dozen crabs per person for a hearty feast.

What are the recommended serving sizes for crab legs?

When it comes to ordering crab legs, Crab Dynasty provides helpful recommendations based on poundage. For snow crab legs, factors such as size and quantity per pound are considered. A medium-sized snow crab leg may yield 2-3 clusters per pound, while colossal legs may have 3 clusters per 2.5 pounds. Similarly, Alaskan king crab legs are offered in various quantities, with a large king crab yielding approximately 2-3 legs per pound and a jumbo king crab offering 1-2 legs per pound.


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