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Frozen lobster Claw and knuckle Meat

  • Wild-Caught Maine Lobster Claw Meat
  • Frozen Lobster Claw Meat
  • Hand Picked Quality


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100% wild-caught Maine lobster frozen claw and knuckle meat
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Weight 1 lbs

Weight 1lb, Weight 2lb


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Martha Brady
May 27, 2024


Scott Belanger
May 26, 2024

Have ordered my New England favorite seafood a few times now that we cannot get locally in South Carolina - steamer clams. Out of the four pounds only one had to be discarded when we gave their salt water soak and purge. Steamed them up next day and enjoyed in drawn butter. DELICIOUS

Mark Bergeron
May 26, 2024

We ordered 2lbs of lobster meat and box of clam cakes. Unfortunately they forgot to send us the clam cakes but that was ok. I called them and they were wicked nice they said they would credit me and send me a special coupon. Excited to order from them again their lobster 🦞 was absolutely delicious and we wanted more. We made fresh lobster rolls for 5 of us and we all raved about them so amazing. I wish I took pictures of everyone drooling lol.

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Frozen lobster claw meatFrozen lobster Claw and knuckle Meat
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