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24 Pork Hot Dogs & 24 Split Top Hotdog Buns

  • juicy and flavorful taste
  • Tender and succulent texture
  • Contain mixed meat of pork and beef
  • Affordable and widely available
  • Perfect for quick meals, barbecues, and on-the-go enjoyment


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  • You can make your backyard barbecue unforgettable with our Maine Red Hot Dog Grill Package.
  • This package includes 24 Hot dogs and 24 Split Top Hot Dog Buns.

These pork hotdogs are the classic choice for hotdog lovers. Made from flavorful pork meat, these hotdogs have a juicy and savory taste that’s hard to resist. Whether you grill ’em, pan-fry ’em, or even boil ’em, pork hotdogs always bring a burst of flavor to any meal. These hot dogs contain mixed meat of pork and beef. They’re perfect for topping with your favorite condiments and enjoying on a warm summer day or at a fun-filled barbecue. They are also famous for the name of red snapper hot dog.

Weight 1 lbs
Hotdog Rolls

Pack of 24 (Maine Red Snapper Hotdog Grill), Pack of 24 (Red Hotdog Grill Package)


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pork hot god with buns24 Pork Hot Dogs & 24 Split Top Hotdog Buns

Availability: 488 in stock