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Red Snapper Hotdogs

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These unique dogs get their name from their vibrant red color and the satisfying snap they make with every bite. They’re a specialty in Maine, where they’ve become a beloved summertime tradition. Whether you’re at a cookout or enjoying a day at the beach, these red snapper hotdogs add a burst of flavor and fun to any gathering. And you can find them in a few other places across the country, like North Dakota? So, if you ever come across these iconic hotdogs, make sure to give them a try. They’re not just your average hotdog – they’re a delicious piece of culinary history that showcases the unique flavors of different regions in America.
Maine Red Snapper Hot Dogs

The exact origin of red snapper hotdogs is a bit hard to pin down. But one thing’s for sure, they’ve become a quintessential part of Maine’s food culture. These hotdogs are synonymous with family cookouts, camping trips, potlucks, and even high school basketball tournaments. They hold a special place in the hearts of Mainers and are a beloved symbol of the state’s culinary identity.

The tradition of making red snapper hotdogs is kept alive by W.A. Bean and Sons, the last butcher in the state producing them. They’ve been making these hotdogs for over 150 years, using a traditional handmade approach and lamb casing. It’s incredible to think about the long-standing tradition and history behind these delicious hotdogs.
You know what’s interesting about red snapper hotdogs? Their name says it all! They’re super red and have that satisfying snapping sound. But have you ever wondered where these qualities come from?

Well, it turns out that the vibrant red color of red snapper hotdogs is often achieved using good old-fashioned food dye. Some folks use sodium nitrite, but most commonly, red dye #40 or #3 is used. Why did they choose such a bold color? Well, it’s all about clever marketing! Back in the day, when other hotdogs were mostly brown or gray, the bright red hue of red snappers helped them stand out from the crowd. You know what gives red snapper hotdogs that awesome snap? It’s all thanks to the all-natural casings they use, which are usually made from parts of animal intestines. When it comes to red snappers, lamb is often the top choice for these casings. These natural casings are packed with collagen, which gives them a firmer structure and that satisfying snap when you take a bite. It’s pretty cool that W.A. Bean & Sons still sticks to using these natural casings, keeping the tradition alive. So, when you enjoy a red snapper, you can savor that snap knowing it’s all thanks to the natural casing! The meat batter inside red snapper hotdogs is a delicious blend of pork and beef. Even though the ingredients are top-notch, red snappers still rock that vibrant, almost neon red color. Mainers have remained devoted to the Red Snapper for many generations, regardless of the reason behind its striking redness.

Where to buy?

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