Fresh Wild-Caught Haddock - North Atlantic - 1 lb

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The North Atlantic Haddock’s flesh is delicate and breaks apart easily. Cooking methods that tend to work well include baking, broiling, frying, and poaching. It is versatile, and easy to incorporate with your favorite flavor profiles, making haddock a must-have protein to keep on hand all year. 

Flavorful Wild-Caught North Atlantic Haddock

The white, slightly sweet, mild tasting fresh North Atlantic Haddock pairs well with awide range of flavors. Try cooking with Mediterranean ingredients such as olives, tomatoes, and fresh oregano, or go with a palette of Asian flavors such as sesame, ginger, and soy. Another approach is to simply bake with crushed cracker crumbs, melted butter, seafood seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice for a meal that will entice any age group.

North Atlantic Wild-Caught Haddock 

A member of the cod family, the North Atlantic Haddock can be found swimming in the waters off the east coast of North America and west coast of Europe. Fished year-round, the haddock swims along the Massachusetts coast in the warmer months and North Carolina coast when temperatures cool off.